Let’s Kick ASS Portland invites you to a special screening of “Pushing Dead – An AIDS Comedy” at the Hollywood Theatre on Wednesday, April 11 at 7:30 pm (https://hollywoodtheatre.org/events/pushing-dead/). LKA volunteers will be available after the show to discuss our organization for those who are interested in learning more. LKA has a limited number of discounted tickets available for $8 each. Please contact us at 971-319-5527 or info@letskickasspdx.org to reserve your tickets. 

Strength in Numbers
The Long-Term Survivor Network of LKA-PDX Creates Community
by John Francis Leonard
Photos by Fred Luna
Portland, Oregon, is a city known for its progressive values. Like many larger cities serving an urban population, as well as a regional one, agencies and organizations are in place to serve the needs of individuals coping with HIV and…
 Special thanks to John Francis Leonard and Chael Needle for your interest in telling the story of long-term survivors in Portland!

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