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Aids Walk LogoThank You Cascade AIDS Project and AIDS Walk Portland 

Our team raised a total of $1171.00 towards the AIDS Walk. Let’s Kick ASS is honored to be in partnership with Cascade AIDS Project.  Our partnership allowed Let’s Kick ASS – Portland to be directly benefited which will go to support our Long-Term Survivor Community to THRIVE.

We want to give a special shout out to Andrew Shade – Special Events Coordinator,  Caleb Bourgeois – AIDS Walk Outreach Coordinator, Tyler TerMeer – Executive Director and all the employees and volunteers of the Cascade AIDS Project for their hard work and community support to empower people living with or affected by HIV.

Also, a HUGE HUG to everyone in the community who helped sponsor and who donated support the AIDS Walk Teams. The AIDS Walk Portland goal is $450,000.00. All the teams combined raised $427,626.00, we collectively need to raise another $22,374.oo. Please help close the gap the fight is still not over. Thank you again everyone for your love and support.