Road Trip to Cape Disappointment

Let’s Kick ASS – Portland took another road trip this last weekend to Cape Disappointment off the Washington Coast. Let me tell you, Cape Disappointment was anything but disappointing. We got to climb the ruins of Fort Canby, took a short stroll up to the beautiful Cape Disappointment Light House where the Coast Guard Station still protects the ships and channel to this day.

We went to picnic at Benson Beach where we got a free sand art tour and learned about tides, waves and currents. It is recommended by the Coast Guard and the Swim and Rescue Team to not go into the frigid and cold water here at the beach. The water is to cold all year round and the rip currents are especially strong here. This beach alone gets over 300 rescue calls a year.
But we were able to still enjoy our picnic on the beach, wade in the water and climb the rocks to walk to the end of the 1/2 mile long Jetty.

We ended our day by driving to Astoria and had dinner on the water at the Baked Alaska. I strongly suggest the half baked dessert. There was enough for everyone to have a taste or two as we passed the dessert around. It was so good in fact; the waitress even had her spoon in hand patiently waiting her turn.

Thank you to all of our Kick ASS Activity Members. Fred L., John F.. David D., Jordan, Troy P, Mark B, Bobby H, Steven H



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