Thanks to Our Let’s Kick ASS AIDS Walk Team

img_6964On September 10th Let’s Kick ASS participated in the AIDS Walk Portland. We want to thank  David Duncan who set up our team for this years  event. Our team members; Steven Headington, Todd Brooks, Marie Fisher, John Flack, Fred Luna, Emiluz Lopez, Troy Preble and Jordan Williams raised a total of $1171.00 for the AIDS Walk. A generous portion of the money raised will directly benefit and support our long-term survivor community to continue to THRIVE through our programs such as;  Social Activities, Health & Wellness, Visibility & Voice, Advocacy & Activism and Community Service. Click Who we are to learn more.

We proudly marched in this walk to help end isolation and to support the HIV Positive and Negative community of long-term survivors. We are all blessed to have been able to come together to support our community. We were able to get people to march with us at the last minute who did not plan on marching and marched along side others who were marching alone.

John Flack, who is a member of Let’s Kick ASS had a debilitating stomachimg_6959_moment ache and was so dedicated to the walk that through his stomach pain managed to walk the 2.5 miles. After the walk LKA members went to have lunch and John decided that he really needed to lay down in a nearby apartment and would wait for everyone to eat before going home. While everyone was eating we received a phone call from John saying that he wanted to go to emergency room. So we rushed him to OHSU, to discover that his appendix had ruptured. Now that is dedication above and beyond. This just goes to show the support Let’s Kick ASS members have and that is how we roll.

Click on Let’s Kick ASS – Portland to learn more and to discover how you to can become more involved.

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