House Bill 3086 HIV Lipodystrophy Treatment

House Bill 3086

We are asking the State of Oregon to require all insurance companies, including the Oregon Health Plan (OHP), to cover HIV Lipodystrophy and HIV Lipoatrophy treatment

Let’s Kick ASS (AIDS Survivor Syndrome) – Portland is currently working  with Kelly R.T. Smith, a Health Care Policy Advisor, on House Bill 3086 that is being sponsored by Oregon Representative Sheri Malstrom of the 27th district.

House Bill 3086 is still in the process of being written with the legislative counsel. This will likely be a short bill. Current Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs) already mandate that insurance of all types sold or purchased in Oregon cover HIV/AIDS treatment. Rep. Malstrom is seeking to amend the OARs to add HIV-related lipodystrophy treatment to that mandate.  

Representative Malstrom is modeling HB 3086 after the Massachusetts’s bill that was signed into law in August of 2016.

Massachusetts’s Bill S.2137

If you are an Oregon resident and need or have had treatment for HIV Lipodystrophy or HIV Lipoatrophy; then we will need your help to get this bill passed in Oregon during this legislative session.

It is recommended that anyone prepare written testimony one page or less in length. 

If you would like to give spoken testimony it should be no more than 2 minutes in length. It is very important that the limit not go over 2 minutes.

Before and after photos of those who have received treatment to accompany their testimony (written or in person) would be especially helpful.

There is no need to specially format your testimony as a letter. Your  letter will be given to, collected and submitted to the committee by Rep Malstrom’ s office.

Please send all testimony to or

If you would like, Kelly R.T. Smith will review written testimony if received beforehand and edit it. But only if your testimony is received ahead of time.  We hope that we will get up to a week’s notice of the public hearing.

Public hearings could happen as early as next week but we are hopeful that we will have more time to get the word out. So please share this post far and wide.

If you have any questions or need help please email:

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