SAGE at Grandma’s Corner Kitchen

Every third Thursday we meet at Grandma’s Corner in Milwaukie from 11:30 to 1 or so. This lunch is for all seasoned LGBT community members. The food is really homemade quality and the employees there treat and welcome you as family. Sometimes it is hard to tell if you are in a kitchen, diner or restaurant, but one thing for sure, you definitely feel like you are at grandmas. Even the strangers there will even tell you hello and strike up a conversation like a long lost family or friend whom you haven’t seen for awhile.

So if you are not doing anything and would like to meet some great people in a warm and inviting place come visit us, every third Thursday at Grandmas. It is just a short few blocks from the Milwaukie/Main street max stop on the orange line.

Grandmas Corner located at 10880 SE McCloughlin BLVD, Milwaukie, Or. 97222

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