Marie Fisher
Portland, Oregon

Marie Fisher

Board Member

Marie Fisher is a negative long-term survivor who has been involved in HIV/AIDS advocacy for over 25 years. Marie was first confronted by the epidemic in the early 1990s when her older brother was diagnosed positive with a CD4 count of 2. He recovered from the devastation of his initial diagnosis, but later passed away from lymphoma at the age of 49. Supporting him on his journey over the years, while losing friends and loved ones along the way, indelibly shaped Marie’s commitment to helping others who have been infected and affected to thrive.

A long-time veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, Marie began working professionally in HIV in 2011 while employed by Gilead Sciences, where she created an award-winning mobile app for newly diagnosed, young gay men of color. She was the sole member of the marketing team assigned to PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) at a time when the HIV community was clamoring for better prevention options. Through her collaboration with national organizations such as the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the National Minority AIDS Council, Marie established herself as a committed patient advocate on the corporate side. In addition to infectious diseases, Marie has also worked on treatments for cancer, cardiovascular disease, depression, transplantation, and women’s health.

Marie believes that community service is a social responsibility, and has held a variety of volunteer roles, including in hospice care, at a food pantry, and as a tutor for young English language learners. Marie is currently a member of the Development Committee at Maitri Compassionate Care, a residential care facility for people living with HIV/AIDS in San Francisco. Marie describes herself as a secular humanist, LGBTQ ally, vegetarian, and favorite aunt. Marie lives in Portland, and enjoys traveling, day hiking, and trying local spirits.